You can actually be allergic to exercise

It was reported that exercise can trigger an allergic response to some people. Some researchers believe that physiological changes that happen in the body during exercise such as increased blood flow and certain proteins behavior changes could show the link between exercise and anaphylaxis. Fortunately, this reaction can be treated by the same way any…

Research shows aspirin could repair tooth decay

According to a research, tooth decay could be treated by aspirin. Unlike current treatment for tooth decay which fills the cavity or hole using a synthetic material that has to be replaced many times, this treatment with low-dose aspirin stimulates the stem cells in the teeth and helps regenerating the damaged tooth structure. read more

Can’t Sleep Due to Stress? Here’s the Cure

A group of researchers found that a compound in sugarcane can help reduce stress and help achieve sound sleep. However, from an experiment, this compound showed increase of sleep only caused by stress. The researchers expect that his compound could be a useful therapy for patients with insomnia caused by stress. read more

Is ADHD Really a Sleep Problem?

A recent study revealed that ADHD may have close association with delayed sleep phases which disturbs the day and night rhythm and timing of several physical processes. Several researches suggest that many sleep disorders are related with ADHD and the patients of ADHD often show greater alertness in the evening, which shows link between sleep…

Bone derived hormone reverses age-related memory loss : Mouse Study

According to a study, boosting blood levels of bone derived hormone may help reverse age -related cognitive decline such as memory loss. The researchers injected this hormone continuously into aged mice and observed that the mice showed great improvement of the performance on memory test after infusions. read more

Here’s Why Yawns Are So Contagious

When you see someone nearby yawns, it is hard to stifle a yawn. According to a study, this phenomenon is an automatic imitation of another people. To identify what’s going on in the bran when someone imitates a yawn, researchers measured the participants’ brain activity while they stifle their yawns or yawn freely. read more

Your Brain Stays Half Awake When You Sleep In A New Place

A team of scientists have studied why we feel tired the next day we sleep in a new place. They discovered that when we doze in a strange place, one hemisphere of our brain stays awake while the other sleeps to protect our body from the external danger which we are not aware of. read…

16-year study suggests air temperature is external trigger for heart attack

A study conducted for 16 years reveals a close link between weather condition and the incidence of heart attack. According to the study, the daily occurrence of heart attacks increases as the weather gets cold, which accompanies high wind velocities, limited sunshine duration and high air humidity. read more

Healthy Glucose Levels Key to a Healthy Aging Brain

It is reported that even people at normal range of blood glucose levels can have a significant impact on brain atrophy in ageing. Researchers suggest that we should maintain healthy glycaemic level through healthy lifestyle habits such as regular physical activity every day and healthy diets. read more

The Genetics of Eating Disorders

It has been believed that eating disorder is a kind of psychiatric illness, which patients are just lacking in will power. However, a study shows that 50-80 per cent of people with eating disorder have inherited damaged copies of genes which increase the risk of eating disorder. read more

Brain Injury in Kids Might Lead to Alcohol Abuse

A study revealed that traumatic brain injuries in children and adolescents could be a factor for alcohol abuse later in life, negatively affecting factors associated with reducing alcohol abuse, as well as making people more impulsive. read more