Last-minute lanes

One flowcell of illumina HiSeq has total 8 lanes which should be run at the same time. This gives good cost efficiency of Hiseq, but less flexibility as not all sequencing projects are enough to fill up the lanes by multiples of 8. In such a case, we have to wait until the other lanes are filled up with other samples to run the entire flowcell, and this is one of the main reasons why the sequencing runs may have long waiting time in most of sequencing facilities. So, if there’s some lanes to be filled and if there are some samples that can quickly fill the lanes, that will be an ideal situation for all.

In DNA Link Sequencing Lab, we call these as Last-minute lanes; just like the airplane tickets which are sold on the last minute at lower price. The rates may differ from time to time, but we generally apply 30-50% of discounted price from our regular lane rental price. The availability of this last minute lanes is not regular, and we serve as first-come first-served basis.

Please refer to the table below to find out which run format is available for the last-minute lane at the moment.

Current availability of Last-minute lanes

Sequencer Run mode Amount Availability*
HiSeq 2500 100PE, High throughtput mode 1 lane Not available
HiSeq2500 125SR, High throughput mode 1 lane Not available
Sequel SMRT cells 1 cells Not available
RSII SMRT cells 4 cell Not available

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