Platform Selection Guide

The best way to choose a right platform for your project is to ask us. Our project managers are just one email away from you to assist you to find the best platform and strategy for you.

But if you want to have a glimpse of what the best platform would be for your project, please refer to the table below. Please note that sometimes it may be needed to make combination of two different platforms to get the best outcome.


  PacBio illumina Thermo Fisher
Application Sequel RSII HiSeq NextSeq Ion Torrent
DNA Whole Genome Resequencing V V V  
De novo sequencing V V V
Exome sequencing V V V
Targeted resequencing V V V V V
RNA RNA-Seq (Transcriptome) V V V
Expression profiling V V
Isoform sequencing V V
Others Epigenetic sequencing V V
Metagenome sequencing V V


In brief, PacBio sequencers are the best for sequencing unknown samples to the highest level of sequence quality, in other words, the least number of contigs. For Bacterial genome we have seen countless projects which ended with less than a few contigs, or even one single contig. Also, it gives unprecedented quality of sequence results for RNA-Seq when the correct detection of splice variants is important. Thanks to its long readlength (over 20kb), it does not need assembly of transcripts which gives the best confidence about the structure of splice variants.

illumina sequencers are the best for resequencing of a known genome. By far it has the best cost efficiency in all types of sequencers which made its wide popularity possible. It is powerful especially when you have a reference genome, or sequence only a part of a genome (targeted sequencing, exome sequencing) It is also ideal for expression profiling is where the sequencing depth matters.