Why DNA Link?

There are many reason why you should consider DNA Link’s sequencing service. Here are some highlights of them.

The best sequencing technologies delivered to your lab by the hands of professionals

– Extensive experience over decades of services of genomic analysis
– Thousands of references with proven track record.
– Competitive pricing and unmatched turnaround time

DNA Link dedicated itself in the industry of genomic service more than a decade. During the long period of history which we experienced thousands of genome projects from countless researchers with diverse sources and organisms. We understand the trickiness of genome works, and we know what should be avoided or encouraged to get the best results from challenging samples.

Whatever platform you want, we have it in our lab.

– Optimal choice of sequencing platforms ideal for your project and budget
– Diverse sequencing platforms enabling cross-platform analysis
– Maximize the platform complementarity

Now we see plethora of sequencers. Illumina’s sequencers are the most widely used in the research world at the moment, but other types of sequencers provide competitive advantage over the short reads from illumina sequencers. The demand from researchers is also diversifying, as each researchers have different projects and they want to use the platform that best suits for their purposes. So, as a sequencing company, it became quite important to diversify our service portfolio. We are equipped with all the major sequencing platforms. Whatever platform you want, we have it our lab, so you don’t need to wander around looking for a service provider for your unique project.

Official accreditation by platform producers

DNA Link Sequencing Lab is one of a few sequencing service providers who are accredited by the original sequencing platform producers including Pacific Biosciences, illumina, Life Technologies and Affymetrix (part of Thermo Fisher Scientific). Sequencing at accredited service provider means the maximization of the platform’s capability.

Handling by the best professionals

Sequencing is very delicate process. Reproducibility and replicability are the virtue of science, and this can be only achieved at the fingertips of a highly trained scientific staff. DNA Link Sequencing Lab has its entire history aligned with that of genomics. Starting from Sanger sequencing we went through all the genomics platforms to microarrays, next generation sequencing, and now, the third generation sequencing.

Seamless integration from samples to reports

The amount of data generated by sequencers is tremendous. Without proper data analysis pipeline these can easily turn into overwhelming data set without any meaningful interpretation. DNA Link Sequencing Lab is staffed with experts in bioinformatics analysis, and there’s no hassle of bringing the huge amount of data back and forth to get the reports out of them.